Archäologisches Museum Hamburg


Every sixth grade in Hamburg visits the Archaeological Museum at least once.

The visual connection between the ground floor and the upper floor through ceiling openings inspired the idea to stimulate a sense of adventure and encourage research by creating different moods.

The stony landscape of the ground floor appears as a dark space, light accentuates the different exhibits. The view upwards reveals the modern world on the upper floor through an opening in the ceiling. Its  townscape is illuminated by daylight, artificial lighting sets essential accents.

The lighting control system creates various vibrant moods.

Client: Archäologisches  Museum, Hamburg
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi  Licht
Completion: 2009

04_helms-museum_ulrike-brandi01_helms-museum_ulrike-brandi 03_helms-museum_ulrike-brandi