Bank Negara, Kuala Lumpur


The training centre of the Bank Negara accommodates many functions, such as conference and seminar rooms, offices, a large library and a museum. An individual lighting concept has been developed for each part, fusing into a harmonious ensemble. The clients vision was a building which is open, vibrant and designed for easy communication.
LEDs integrated into the facade make the diamond texture shine at night, bringing out the representative character of the building. During daytime, regulated sunlight shines into the three broad atria. Rays of light are refracted and reflected in folded glass elements of the luminous wall in the entrance area.

Client: Bank Negara Malaysia
Architect: Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2012

03_bank-negara_ulrike-brandi 04_bank-negara_ulrike-brandi 05_bank-negara_ulrike-brandi