Offices Braun Melsungen, Werksanlagen Pfieffewiesen


James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates, together with Walter Nägeli of Berlin, designed the new factory for the medical equipment manufacturer B. Braun. The building was an international success in the field of industrial architecture. One of the features of the entrance hall is the interaction of daylight and artificial light. Large windows and circular rooflights let in daylight. In the evenings this light source is gradually replaced by large, round luminaires.
Runway lights, usually only used on airports, mark the manoeuvring space for lorries. Seen from above, the characteristic blue lights with their red and white lids are arranged in several rows that shimmer.

Client: Braun Melsungen
James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates, London, with Walter Nägeli, Bern
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 1992