The secret of the shadow: light and shadow in architecture

Das Geheimnis des Schattens – Licht und Schatten in der Architektur

Light and shadow belong together
The interplay of the two different brothers ranges from the notion that shadows are “holes in the light” to its opposite, that they are ‘the remaining representatives of the cosmic dark on earth being ripped apart by light’.
They are an increasing number of artificial light sources on earth and an extended use of these light sources, resulting in increasingly more light, and continuously decreasing zones of shadow darkness.
In architecture the transparency of buildings is growing. The increasing use of glass (da light design is being transformed into solar protection design) and other translucent ‘layers’ poses, in the context of ‘more light’, the question on the meaning of shadows.

ISBN-10: 3803006228
ISBN-13: 978-3803006226

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