Luminaire Design for Office Building “North House”, London


North House is a listed building in the heart of Westminster London. Lord and Lady Sainsbury commissioned Ian Ritchie Architects to convert the beautiful townhouse to a modern office building. At the same time the original atmosphere of the building was to be preserved. Especially the lighting played a big part in this concept. The ceilings were supposed to be kept free of luminaires and innovative techniques played a major role, such as the development of a custom made desk lamp with modern LED technology.
The GreenBuilding is a voluntary programme under which owners of non-residential
buildings commit to implementing energy efficiency measures in order to improve the energy
performance of the building, as long as it is cost effective.
Lighting has a substantial impact on the environment, accounting for up to 40% of electricity used in non-residential buildings. Major energy savings can be achieved. Examples from the field have
shown that between 30% and 50% of electricity used for lighting could be saved by investing in energy-efficient lighting systems.

Lord and Lady Sainsbury
Architect: Ian Ritchie Architects
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2006

01_north-house_ulrike-brandi 03_north-house_ulrike-brandi