International Airport Pudong T2, Shanghai


The departure hall, the pier and the airport approach lie beneath one curved roof that spans interior and exterior spaces.
The lighting concept emphasises the building in its entirety, beyond the limits of the façade. The roof receives indirect light that accentuate its undulations.
Direct light at the check-in desks and in the central passenger area creates distinct pools of light in a generally uniform lit space.
Vertical surfaces are luminous to help orientation and to structure the space.

ECADI East China Architectural Design & Research Institute
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2005

02_flughafen-pudong-shanghai_ulrike-brandi 03_flughafen-pudong-shanghai_ulrike-brandi 04_flughafen-pudong-shanghai_ulrike-brandi 05_flughafen-pudong-shanghai_ulrike-brandi 06_flughafen-pudong-shanghai_ulrike-brandi 07_flughafen-pudong-shanghai_ulrike-brandi