Holocaust Monument of Names – Amsterdam

Rendering: Studio Libeskind

The Hebrew words לזכר (engl.: in memory of) form the 2m high walls of the monument. Each of the more than 102,000 stones bears the name of a Holocaust victim from the Netherlands, over 1,000 additional stones commemorate the unknown victims.

Gentle light from below creates a calm atmosphere at night. The light puts the names in the focus of the viewer.

Vertically, the monument has three zones:

– The bricks – the walls of memory – have a rough surface that reflects diffusely
– The gap – the open horizon – creates distance
– The steel mirrors – letters of reflection – appear intangible and reflect the environment.

The vertical surfaces of the brick walls are the most striking, visitors perceive them from afar. Shadows cast by the structure of the clay and the laser-engraved names bring liveliness to the light.

Rendering: Studio Libeskind

Auftraggeber: Nederlands Auschwitz Comité
Architekten: Studio Libeskind
Lichtplanung: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Fertigstellung: bis 2022