Movie “Norddeutschland bei Nacht”

For the German television station NDR, author and director Marcus Fischötter shows us Northern Germany’s landscape and life at night. Mr. Fischötter accompanies 11 protagonists who are active at night, including Ulrike Brandi und Johann Gielen. They take us on an illumination test through the city of Hanover.
The film deals a lot with light and dark, and the aerial photographs are incredible!

Cinema Dates

Mo 18.3.19, 20:00
Preview at Abaton Kino Hamburg + Discussion with Ulrike Brandi Licht
Mo 25.3.19, 17:30 
Abaton Kino Hamburg
Tue 26.3.19, 19:30
Zeise-Kino Hamburg
Sun 31.3.19, 17:30 
Abaton Kino Hamburg

NDR Broadcast
03.10.2019, 20:15 Uhr

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