Regional Rescue Operation Centre Elmshorn

In the Regional Rescue Operation Centre Elmshorn, police and fire department work in a shared space. The work requires high concentration, is mentally stressful and employees work in shifts.
The employer wanted to create a beautiful and healthy environment for employees. The two spacious emergency dispatch rooms are flooded by natural light.
Human-centred lighting design provides beneficial visual, biological and psychological effects.
The Regional Rescue Operation Centre requires glare protection, minimizing the high luminance of the sky. Therefore a blind with a transmittance of 2% can be applied. Both control rooms have skylights which are ideal for supplying a generous daylight quotient throughout the room. The artificial light follows the daylight in brightness and colour temperature and thus supports the circadian rhythm of the employees.
The employees feel comfortable in their new control centres.

Auftraggeber: Kreis Pinneberg
Architekten: Trapez Architektur
Lichtplanung: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Fertigstellung: 2018