Summer Workshop Domaine de Boisbuchet – LESS LIGHT IS MORE LIGHT


August 4th-August 10th 2019

We will design the super-ecological and sustainable path lighting between the Dépendance and the different houses in the park of Domaine de Boisbuchet.

This could be objects or light sculptures along the paths made from phosphorous paint or luminescent mushrooms or  LEDs with photovoltaic. Experimenting to the questions how much light the human eye needs to perceive the environment we avoid light pollution.

New concepts and new materials in lighting design are the focus of our workshop.

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About Boisbuchet

Boisbuchet was the dream of a design amateur and expert: Alexander von Vegesack. He wanted a place where design meets education, in a large sense. Some 25 years ago, he bought the 150 hectares Domaine de Boisbuchet. Since then, professionals and students come every year to experience how internationally successful professionals structure their work, and how they approach design problems. the summer workshops, the architectural park, the exhibitions and the rich community, form many insights and inspiration for a unique creative experience.