Technical Training Centre of Schüco, Bielefeld


During the day, sunlight floods the training center of the Schüco company. In the dark linear lights mark the architecture of the building and vitalize the structure. A fusion of common and accent lighting is created. The mood in the training rooms can be adapted corresponding to the usage. In the cantine, pendant lights in different heights establish a second layer. During  evenings, the building shines from the inside. The blades of the fassade are softly illuminated from behind, to vitalize the appearance of the building in the dark.

Client: Schüco International KG
Wannenmacher und Möller GmbH
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2007

06_schueco_ulrike-brandi 10_schueco_ulrike-brandi 14_schueco_ulrike-brandi 04_schueco_ulrike-brandi 07_schueco_ulrike-brandi