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27 September 2021 –Light-Orchestra: Daylight and artificial light in planning

“Architecture is the artful, correct, and magnificent play of building structures gathered under the light.” – Le Corbusier
“My favorite building material is light.” – Steven Holl.

Light and architecture are two inseparable concepts. This begs the question: how do we, as architects and planners, manage light well? How can we use daylight and artificial light wisely in our designs?

“The two are so intertwined that you can’t say: One builds something and the other makes it visible. Instead, a vibration or resonance exists between these two things. An architect designs a building in a particular landscape and daylight. As a lighting designer, I first try to understand the architecture in the light that is all around it…”

Ulrike Brandi, Ulrike Brandi Licht & Michael Holnsteiner, Artemide



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