With light, we create atmosphere. We integrate light into buildings and outdoor spaces as a matter of course. To create beautiful light, we choose appropriate and sustainable technology.

Daylight: Natural light is simply available. It does not deplete any natural resources on this planet. Lighting spaces with daylight is not only a wonderful idea, but it is also healthy and can create joy!

Our lighting design is an applied art: aesthetic, artistic, technical, social, political and full of fun. It is created using an open process with many partners, curiously and respectfully integrating their respective expertise and experience. The results are appropriate, considerate, minimalist, long-lasting and sustainable. In every project something new, fresh, and lively is created.


Artificial lighting design

A classic of lighting design. For our clients, we coordinate with the architects and design individual lighting on the highest aesthetic level, strengthening the buildings.

  •  Our understanding of architecture guarantees finely tuned lighting concepts with a noticeably beautiful atmosphere.
  •  Our knowledge about the non-visual biological effects of light as well as the psychology of perception guides us in planning healthy, balanced, and stress-free lighting spaces.
  • The lighting systems we plan are extremely durable and economical.
  •  We offer the planning of all or individual service phases according to HOAI or RIBA or as a consulting service.

Daylight planning

We recommend that daylight planning already be a part of the early phases of the design. The behavior of daylight on a building is the best starting point for all further planning. Window orientation, size and proportion not only minimize the energy required for artificial light but are also more sustainable and healthier.

  •  Good daylight exposure significantly increases the attractiveness and value of real estate.
  •  Well-planned daylight indoors minimizes the energy required for artificial lighting and enhances health and well-being.

Master Planning

Our lighting master plans for the city of Rotterdam, the HafenCity in Hamburg, the city center of Bremen and the Expo 2000 prove that we are experts in large urban projects. We plan lighting for streets, squares and parks, historic and modern facades as well as entire cities or districts.

The book, “Light for Cities”, describes the approach and strategy used by Ulrike Brandi Licht. It has become the standard for planners and city administrators alike.

  • Public light, properly used, strengthens the quality of a city. Light makes a decisive contribution to the liveliness of the urban living space.
  • Good lighting master plans combine innovation, sustainable energy policy, consideration for biodiversity and dark skies with the aesthetic enhancement of the cityscape.
  • Good lighting design, based on glare reduction rather than brightness, strengthens the sense of security at night.

Luminaire Design & development

Special projects may require special luminaires that are not yet on the market. We modify existing series luminaires or develop new indoor and outdoor luminaires for manufacturers.

  • We combine our more than 35 years of experience with our technical expertise and our high design standards.
  • In the design of new luminaires, our initial priority is the light. Next comes appropriateness and sustainability, then finally, its form.