LIGHT NATURE ARCHITECTURE – A Guide to Holistic Lighting Design

I am pleased to announce that my new book

A Guide to Holistic Lighting Design

is ready and published by Birkhäuser!

I wrote about my beliefs, experiences and enthusiasm for my life’s subject of light and lighting design.

Following my holistic approach, the book is divided into the major themes of nature, evolution, perception, culture, sustainability, health, darkness, dynamics, composition and atmosphere.

All chapters follow the same structure: I show a natural light phenomenon that was the inspiration for my lighting design and explain it physically. Background and practical knowledge on each chapter subject lead to a project in which the natural lighting phenomenon was the inspiration. The chapters relate to each other, but are also easy to read individually.

I have not only written this book for experts and students. I think it is also exciting and stimulating for interested non-professionals.

Ulrike Brandi

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Book launch “LIGHT NATURE ARCHITECTURE” – 21.06.2023