Inauguration of Trident Park and The Brewhouse in Malta

On 28th of June, The Brewhouse and Trident Park was inaugurated in Malta with a grand ceremony.

Hundreds of people followed the personal invitation of our clients Louis Farruggia, Michael Farruggia and Charles Xuereb. Me and my Team and are grateful for their cooperation, trust and support in our daylighting and artificial lighting design for this extraordinary project. Our thanks go to the architects ritchie*studio, Ian Ritchie and his team for ten years of joint continuity in creating a project, accompanying it with love and perseverance and celebrating the success together.

In the end, we all learned from each other, architects, clients, the specialist engineers, museum planners, contractors and craftsmen.

Trident Park is so special because it did not destroy the historic building for the new use, but rather used its existing aesthetic and sustainable qualities.

The 200 m long former brewery block was given cuts that made way for lively gardens. This provides the offices with optimal natural lighting and ventilation. An essential aspect of the lighting design is to have created a high degree of daylight autonomy, so artificial light is necessary at few times. The artificial light, quotes the Maltese sky with bright ceilings. We are proud that the indirect, evenly distributed light illuminates the offices in an extremely energy-efficient way.


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