Client: Amt für Bau und Kunstpflege Celle, Aussenstelle Lüneburg
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi  Licht
Completion: 2005

Church Neuhaus

The renovation and redesign of the church in Neuhaus allows it to be used not only for church services but also for events as well as concerts.
A differentiated and flexible lighting concept optimally supports the various uses.
Suspended conductor rails below the ceiling provide space for spotlights to illuminate the nave as well as the chancel. Individual lighting for musicians, choirs or speakers is possible.
Elegant wall lights create brilliant, festive light. A warm atmosphere is created.
Colored surfaces are projected on both sides next to the altar. Depending on the season and liturgy, the light color is adjusted to support the theme and atmosphere.
The illumination of the church tower emphasizes the distant effect of the church even in the dark. A subdued light from the wall luminaires makes the church glow from within in the dark.