Client: Bergpension BRIOL, Barbian, Southtirol
Architect: Theodor Gallmetzer Architekt, Bozen, Southtirol
Isabella Napolitano Architekt
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi  Licht
Completion: 2020

Guesthouse BRIOL, Einäugl & Tree house, Southtirol

In the midst of the breathtaking landscape with a view of the Dolomites is the historic mountain guesthouse BRIOL, at 1,310 meters above sea level.  An oval wooden new building and a tree house complement the historic building, which was built during the Bauhaus period. In the large dining room of the Einäugel, the hostess stands at the reception and in the open kitchen. There is a personal, familiar atmosphere. Guests come in from the hillside and have a view of the large terrace windows and the mountain panorama.

The interior looks light and natural during the day, and in the evening the pendant lights with wooden curls at the bottom – matching the wood stove – spread a warm and cozy light in the room.

In the rooms there is a friendly and restrained light. The room light, the pendant light above the table or the flexible small spotlights at the head of the bed are practical and create cozy islands of light.

In the wellness area it seems warm and cozy, large-scale and accentuating light complement each other.