Client: DB Fernverkehr AG
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2017

ICE 4, Germany

The lighting concept of the ICE4 is composed of several luminaires, which together create a functional and valuable lighting atmosphere. A lighting control system enables various lighting scenes that are differentiated by the parameters of light colour, colour temperature and brightness.

The artificial light is based on the characteristics and moods of natural light, while the lighting scenes follow the course of the day.

The concept of Human Centric Lights (HCL) takes into account times of day and corresponds to the human biorhythm, which has a positive effect on the well-being of passengers.

A dynamic change between different light scenes, from morning through day to evening and night, supports the stabilization of the circadian rhythm.

Depending on the time of day, the light has a calming or activating effect.

The new lighting mood corresponds to familiar pleasant visual experiences that passengers associate with homeliness. This strengthens the passenger’s identification with his or her moving environment.