Client: Stadt Hannover
Luminaire Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2015

Kröpcke, Hannover

At the Kröpcke, people meet in Hanover to stroll, to visit the opera, to drink hot chocolate.
The most important axes cross here. Bahnhofstraße, which connects the train station with Kröpcke via Ernst-August-Platz. Georgstraße, which runs from Aegidientorplatz past the opera house to Steintor, and Karmaschstraße, which comes from the square of the Göttingen Seven.
Our lighting master plan includes special lighting design for the “entrance gates” to the city center and the junction in the middle.

At Kröpcke, a lighting object, the “sun” symbols the center.
The “sun” at a height of about 17m appears from a distance. A narrow cone of light creates a bright “island” on the square. The round, gold-colored object influences the picture of the Kröpck even during the day.
A three-dimensional shape is created from a two-dimensional form by cut-outs and embossing. In this way, direct sunlight also reaches the bottom side, which keeps the object bright during the day instead of appearing as a dark disc.