Client: Staatshochbauamt Stendal 
Architect: Brandi& Partner, Göttingen
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 1998

Musikforum Katharinenkirche Stendal

Music is playing in the Musikforum Katharinenkirche:
Since the installation of a gallery, a stage platform and the light sails in the nave, about 50 concerts take place every year. The vertically suspended sails integrate lighting and acoustic functions, but the view of the vaulted ceiling remains unobstructed. Downlights in the lower edge of the sails illuminate the stage platform and the auditorium. Ceiling floodlights shine into the vault and emphasise the height of the room. Different lighting situations create different moods in the historic space. Light and music act in harmony.

3D tour of the church