Architect: Meck Architekten, München
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2010

Pacelli Palais / Munich

The conversion of the Art Nouveau Villa Pacelli Palais was accompanied by Meck Architekten. After completion, Piper Verlag uses the rooms as offices.The cornices in the rooms and hallways receive hidden LED light strips that illuminate the ceilings and highlight the historic features of the building.
The combination of direct and indirect light in the offices is appropriate for the workplace and does not interfere with the substance of the space.
A special highlight is the artificial skylight in the second floor corridor. Natural white LED panels behind the restored glass, in combination with a diffusing foil, create the appearance of real daylight.
The facade is staged using a combination of spotlights close to the facade and wide-beam luminaires.Orientation lights and illuminated islands in the garden create a feeling of security.