Client: Stadt Bad Salzuflen
Architect: 4a Architekten, Stuttgart
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi  Licht
Completion: 2009

VitaSol Thermal Spa, Bad Salzuflen

Die Lichtplanung von Ulrike Brandi Licht mit dem Planungsteam Detmold schafft einen attraktiven Raum. Wenige Lichtprinzipien erzählen hier eine abwechslungsreiche „Lichtgeschichte“ und kreieren eine angenehme und interessante Atmosphäre in der VitaSol Therme.

The lighting design by Ulrike Brandi Licht with the Detmold planning team creates an attractive space. A few lighting principles tell a varied “light story” here and create a pleasant and interesting atmosphere in the VitaSol Therme.
Different lighting moods divide the large hall into individual areas. Bright active areas meet quiet retreats, with reduced lighting.
The architect’s sensual approach to the use of different materials and colors gives the spa a special effect. The lighting concept makes this tangible.
An impersonal large hall, in which the eye could not find a foothold, has been transformed into a structured space whose appearance is both generous and differentiated.