Home² – living with Light- Luce e Design Magazin

For the Luce e Design Magazine we were asked to participate in the Forum – Lighting and Architectural Project: a comparison between architects and lighting designers, a space in which they want to take a view about the state-of-the-art of the relationships between architects and lighting designers in relation to the light-project relationship.

Together with Verena Onnen Architects we talked about our Project at the GET Nord home² fair in Hamburg, The client Hamburg Messe wanted to present the theme “Living with Light” on a public fair and Ulrike Brandi as the light designer in charge asked for our support to develop a concept for the presentation. Our aim was to develop individual spaces, which are adoptable to a normal urban residential situation – kitchen, bath, living, sleeping, tiny

In every cube was presented a loop of light scenarios to sensitize the visitor for the different effects of light. Despite the abstract form of presentation the client could adopt the information at home.


You can find more information at following the link: Living with Light: Home²


Architect@work Hamburg 2019

Lecture: Layering, filters, translucency

Home² – Fair Hamburg

As part of the home² trade fair, we offered a light workshop for interior...