Client: Sergey Ivanov
Architect: Architektur- und Planungsbuero CSPHN Architekten, Kassel
Luminaire Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2017

Appartement Rauschen

Our client wanted a bright, friendly appartment.
Bright wall surfaces set eye-catchers and create a bright and friendly atmosphere.
As basic lighting, the indirect light can be supplemented by direct light from recessed downlights. This allows versatile use in all areas.
Direct light above the table creates an island of light. It emphasizes the place where people meet and guarantees optimum visual conditions. Other light accents divide the space and highlight its special features.

The design of the custom luminaire above the dining table picks up on the client’s longing for clarity, modesty, a place of retreat, hospitality and a connection to the surroundings and landscape.
When the light is turned off, the lampshade appears as a plain light gray body.
Only when the luminaire is illuminated, shaded light green circles are formed, a tribute to the sun spots on the forest floor.