Client: Gasometer Oberhausen GmbH
Architect: ritchie*studio London
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Exhibition: “Blaues Gold”, Gasometer Oberhausen 2001 – 2002

Exhibition “Blaues Gold”, Gasometer Oberhausen

After an exhibition of Christo´s wall of oildrums in the Gasometer at Oberhausen, the exhibition ‘Blaues Gold’ picked water as its central theme.

A light cone of 50 metres in height with water running down its sides rises into the room, almost 100 metres high.

The dark periphery is submerged in a starry sky. Light in its interior slowly revives the cone, making it translucent.  Light on the exterior gives it an opaque appearance.  The diffuse, cloudy structure changes into a continuous flow.  Reflecting lights sparkle at various places.

The cone transformes into an ice tip. Slowly a crystal emerges in the cool atmosphere and then glides back into obscurity.

Because of the success of the exhibition it was extended for three month.