Client: City Bad Bevensen
Architect: Rainer Kahns, Schönwalde am Bungsberg
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2012

Spa Park, Bad Bevensen

The Bad Bevensen spa park stretches along the Ilmenau river. The naturally grown park connects the spa district with the city center. In the north, the river flows next to the wetland landscape. All paths crisscrossing the landscape are illuminated in the evening. The light poles are spaced farther apart along the path than at the intersections, thereby creating bright islands of light that help people find their way. The non-blinding lights allow the eyes to see well in low light conditions while the park retains its magic. The park consists of clearings, a small pond, a bridge, a beautiful group of trees, an area with sculptures as well as a pergola with benches. Each distinct area has its own fairy-tale charisma, which we emphasize with light in the evening.