Client: Schloss Freudenstein, Bozen
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2019

Freudenstein Castle, Bolzano

Freudenstein Castle is located on a hill overlooking Bolzano between vineyards and mountain peaks. Lovingly restored and renovated by its owner, it offers a romantic ambience for festive occasions.
The castle with its two towers shapes the surroundings and already is visible from afar.
Gentle uniform light shows the fortress in the dark without over shining, even from the distance.

Approaching the complex, a long driveway winds its way to the forecourt of the castle. Directed, warm low light accompanies the path.
On the small meadow between the castle and the administration building, a moon shimmers through the branches of the large fir tree.
The walk from the small chapel to the barbecue meadow and the vineyards with the view of Bolzano, leads past a small pond, ground-level “light mushrooms” in the stone garden and shimmering reeds frame the picture.
In the courtyard, the brightened arcades frame the room. Two elegant fairy lights create a festive atmosphere.

Four filigree chandeliers in the Venetian Hall create brilliant, festive light. The arrangement of the weightless luminaires allows a flexible use of the hall. The light emphasizes the character of this special place.