Client: Kreis Pinneberg
Architect: Trapez Architekten, Hamburg
Luminaire Design: Ulrike Brandi  Licht
Completion: 2018

Luminaire Design Solskin

Solskin (Danish for sunshine) produces intense diffused light from its large circular surface. Around the center, there is a corona that specifically transports brilliant light downwards. This corresponds to the type of light during the day: the large, diffuse sky and the brilliantly shining sun, creating shadows below.

Consequently, this combination increases alertness and sharpness. Such a luminaire (also suitable for office use, as it has good glare control), which produces large amounts of light, 12000 lumens, has not existed before. It can be controlled according to the circadian rhythm: 2700-6500 K. Solskin now illuminate schools, hospitals, control rooms and offices.