Client: Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf
Architect: Zymara Loitzenbauer Giesecke Architekten BDA Partnerschaft mbB
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
Completion: 2022

St. Nicolaus Church, Hamburg

The sun shines in Saint Nicolaus
The following is possible when clients, architects and monument conservators pull together:
Architect Philipp Loitzenbauer was allowed to carry out the radical intervention. In the 1930s, the more than 10 m high and 6 m wide north wall of St. Nicolaus Church was decorated with a relief that discriminated against people with disabilities. It was unceremoniously cut out, moved 8 m forward, lowered outside in front of the church and now it is part of a memorial path against discrimination.
Suddenly the view between inside and outside is free, daylight floods the room, whose walls and ceilings are now brightly painted. A fresh atmosphere prevails for church services, community meetings, events and concerts. The spaciousness of the room is reflected in the combination of direct and indirect light from the ceiling and pendant luminaires. The light circles between the windows of the wall niches create a cosy atmosphere. The various artificial lighting elements can alternate, act together, even together with daylight. This depends on the season, the time of day and what is happening inside.

The exterior light now makes Sankt Nicolaus a landmark in the Alsterdorf district again.