Client: DaimlerChrysler Immobilien (DCI) GmbH
Architect: UNStudio, Amsterdam
Lighting Design: Ulrike Brandi  Licht
Completion: 2006

Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart

The building structure of the new Mercedes-Benz Museum is reminiscent of a pretzel. Two interwoven segments join to form a whole. The resulting walkways guide the visitor through the exhibition spaces. The light supports the impression of perceiving the building as a landscape. The audience walks through daylit rooms with bright ceilings that create a kind of “sky light.” Dark, nighttime scenarios provide contrast. Embankments, winding paths and distant views evoke scenes of a varied landscape.

UN-Studio conceived a logic of surfaces for the Mercedes-Benz Museum. In the rooms facing the outside with daylight, shiny materials of the metal facade draw inside. Brilliant light reflections are created on the exhibited vehicles in a bright environment. In contrast, as with a bi-metal, the “backs” of these surfaces appear as matte, rough surfaces. They almost make the space disappear to let the elements of the exhibition shine. The light is directed and staging.